Digital transformation is a service that is very comprehensive and demanding. This involves many stages starting from understanding the actual need, and timing of each deliverable and activating each project sequentially   

Overview of the Project

The company is in the space of Medical Devices -Manufacturing to Selling

The approach

So, while a digital transformation in digital transformation in the medical device industry is lagging. Wholesalers and distributors of B2B medical supplies are in the same boat. 

The Challenge was to enable the company and its distributor network to all link up on a single grid which is still underway. Iostar enabled the company to first enable the Inventory management module, Followed by Assembly Process management Followed by Packing and freight forwarding system.

Parallelly it enabled the Business Management Process which included Dealer Order Management and linked to the Packing and forwarding system.

In addition Staff training and setting up for using the system. Right now Purchase Management is being set up which will be followed by assembly process machine integration.

  • Iostar created a holistic marketplace for B2B/B2C vendors/buyers by offering over 2,500 products ranging from COVID-19 tests to Typhoid etc. 
  • The System allows the company to connect with buyers & answer questions about products in a live expert program.

The value

  • The company taps the B2B wholesale market valued between INR 50+crores  
  • It began earning revenue by charging sales commissions ranging from 6-15% from the buyers.
  • It could offer more personalized products for an improved customer experience