What we do


Utilizing  Technology and proprietary  Process Models for creating measurable value through Educational and Skilling for an individual, enterprise and the country at large

For an individual

Learning and Earning Lifecycle .

IoStar focuses on managing the life cycle of learning and employment .

Service Ecosystem

The Ecosystem is designed to manage the complete chain by partnering organizations and placement agencies who can offer jobs and guaranteed placements for certain roles.

For an enterprise

We work at Increasing the  overall competency and skills  of the employees in  an enterprise by ensuring

  • Competency Mapping
  • Competency Tracking
  • Competency Development
  • Ongoing Training Planning and Implementation

Achieve your business objectives through effective learning and development with XLP and Self Learning Management System (SLMS).

Today, more than ever, the achievement of your business objectives is dependent upon the knowledge, skills and experience of your workforce. IoStar Solutions  enables you to deliver learning effectively through individual learning plans which reflect your employees’ roles, training needs and objectives..

An engaging learning Experience

IoStar solutions  provides an engaging service from which learners can access instructor led training, self-paced e-learning and virtual classroom sessions.

Manages compliance and assessment

The SLMS uses  sophisticated assessment and reporting to ensure and track compliance in your rganization.

Supports social learning

The XLP and SLMS provide  a range of tools such as video Conferencing , Live chat, wikis and forums to support informal and social learning, allowing your employees to collaboratively build a body of knowledge that future generations of workers will benefit from.

Some of the Key features are

Competency structure to which you can link roles, learning resources and courses

Organisation and position frameworks allowing allocation of position/organisation specific competencies , learning and filtered reporting.Individual learning plans track on-the-job training, guide development and assess progress toward career goals and company objectives.

Face-to-face training management and self-service

Sophisticated reporting – personalised Management Reporting Dashboard and Custom Reports