Teaching Students with Visual Impairments

IoStar pioneered the concept and the service of teaching VI students via remote trainers. The model provided the necessary platform and support systems necessary resources they need to help each student become successful members of their communities .

If you are entering, or currently in the vision field, you will find information related to all areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum as well as other resources related to all aspects of instructing students with visual impairments and adapting the environment, materials, and method of instruction. You will also find information on teaching strategies, professional development opportunities, and resources to continue your professional growth. 

If you are a classroom teacher, therapist or administrator unfamiliar with working with students who are blind or visually impaired, this site will assist you in preparing and creating a learning environment that is adapted to meet the unique needs of the students and to help you confidently teach them. ​

The US based charity has since then utilised our services and technology solution to expand across several locations and trainings .Now we teach courses ranging from English speaking to computer fundamentals and some hybrid programs like mobile repair as well.

The press reporting around this success are provided below .

A  paper was also was also submitted and presented at the GEIS Dubai during October 2o18 last year . The paper can be accessed here .

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