Some Ideas for making your website generate some extra revenue .

Investing time, money, and effort to make your website standout from the crowd . One benefit to putting in all of this hard work is that you can actually get some of that money back that you initially invested because of all of that effort.

As long as your web traffic doesn’t drop, there will always be new opportunities to try out as you go.

Here are some ideas;

1. Affiliate ( others product )marketing

Affiliate /partner marketing means  writing product reviews, placing  links on your website allowing  paid posts to your site, etc. It may be noted that  you are promoting another business or product so needs  to be done with caution.

Do not  accept paid postings for content that is not relevant to your site or agree to do product reviews that you don’t support.

2. Cost per action lead generation

You can generate leads for other companies by promoting their  product, which like in an email marketing campaign and get paid a commission for referring this person to the company. Newsletter can be another great means to make some extra money as well

3. PPC advertising and banner ad space

Selling banner ad space on your website and the success of this methoddepends on your website traffic .

One of the risks is that these side advertisements pop up based on that browser’s previous search history, and often they don’t have much to do with your site.

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