Social Sector


Reaching the disabled, poor and neglected community in the country has always been a challenge for the social sector in the country. Using IoStar “XLP Platform” and “Learning Services” all such NGO and organizations can meet their objectives in simple and cost effective manner .

How can IoStar help ?
IoStar XLP can be utilized by NGOs to deliver quality training in a cost effective manner .XLP can be used to access students in multiple locations at the same time thereby speeding up learning and assessment including certifications for their students . Talking to anganwadi workers on their mobile or addressing live class of students across 25 locations in one go or solving students doubts and issues simultaneously are all possible with IoStar services .
Additionally IoStar Learning Services can be offered to needy students using the CSR routes where corporate funding can be organized to fund all such programs .

Key Benefits

  • New Way of Learning
  • Gives Access to best coaching/s skilling trainers  from Delhi etc.
  • Cost Effectively priced
  • Parents are more comfortable when their children get training near home .
  • Students normally travel to large towns/cities for getting access to the best teachers now the same techers are available virtually at your site .
  • Get access to appropriate jobs on an ongoing basis