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How Can IoStar help

Teach, instruct, mentor, guide, collaborate, inspire and share with a global audience – now possible with the X’tended Learning Platform. Learning is made hassle-free, simpler, faster and easier. Whether you are a musician, artist, photographer, film maker, engineer, doctor, scientist, master-chef or expert in any field – share your knowledge with the entire world. Build and popularize your brand, monetize and share your expertise.

We help you to:

Collaborate virtually using live video

  • Interact with learners, customers, stakeholders anytime anywhere virtually.
  • Record your interactions for future reference.

Create a knowledge repository

  • Systematically store information that is useful in a repository.
  • Categorize, search and retrieve videos.
  • Create multiple video channels targeted at different groups of users.

Build your brand and extend reach

  • White labeling of your brand
  • Gain more users and usage, expanding your reach

Create and launch virtual courses

  • Create and deliver a systematic training program virtually.
  • Assess knowledge levels through periodic computerized assessments.
  • Accredit your course with the relevant authorities.

E-commerce & administration

  • Expand and monetize your learning business.
  • Collect payments, manage subscriptions and users.
  • Manage multiple currency payments.