Corporate Sector

How to ensure everyone in your organization knows what they should know? People training,development and retention is a challenge in many organizations. Well‐equipped staff translate to better customer service, greater working efficiency and better results for any organization.

Institutionalizing learning across the organization and providing an accessible learning repository can save cost while delivering significant benefits.
Implementing product training , knowledge upgrades , training of new recruits at remote sites etc are a standard challenge for organizations like Banks, Insurance , Pharma companies who need regular training and support for their employees, agents , partners , customers etc in a cost effective manner .Managing knowledge and continuous learning is made simpler, faster and easier with our platform.

Our XLP Platform enables the full create – store – manage – deliver – monetize cycle for institutionalizing your knowledge and connecting people with the actionable information required to take decisions. Our application is used across different verticals including education, health care, retail and financial services.

Key target segments who can use our services are

  • BFSI (Banking, Finance and Insurance Sector)
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Rural Marketing companies
  • FMCG companies
  • Travel and Tourism companies etc.

Benefits to our customers

Develop well trained and equipped staff

  • Deliver a systematic training program from the moment of hiring for all staff.
  • Assess knowledge levels through periodic assessments.
  • Bring in virtual experts from anywhere in the world for lectures / talks.
  • Create “How-to” video guides for staff to quickly check what needs to be done.

Build a knowledge repository

  • Systematically store information that is useful in a repository.
  • Categorize, search and retrieve videos.
  • Create multiple learning video channels targeted at different groups of users.

Collaborate virtually to increase your reach

  • Collaborate with dispersed teams of people to reach joint decisions.
  • Collaborate with clients in distant localities to train / educate / communicate with them.

 Reduce cost and increase efficacy

  • Replace physical training courses by virtual training courses.
  • Manage your training with limited resources across offices.