Small Business

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Key needs of Small businesses

  • To Identify and use new revenue sources .

  • Breaking into new markets and segments

  • Becoming competitive on a local and global scale

  • Finding partnerships and acquisitions to achieve fast growth


Digitalisation is an integral and vital part of the future Industry 4.0, which is driven by a new generation of information technologies such as Web , Digital transformation, Ecommerce , cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and so on .Digitalizing provides an organization an advantage of doing things faster, better and cheaper. This can offer better profits and value-producing opportunities. In these times of slow growth Digital transformation or digitalisation is way forward.


Growth in revenue and ROI is one of the most important agenda items for owners , directors and shareholders of a SMB IoStar helps such companies to formulate and implement a robust digital growth strategy . IoStar is your partner in all such endeavours.

Our Happy Clients are our strength

It’s been an uphill task and IoStar worked with us to move our business 4 fold and still growing courtesy digital revolutions. Thank you Iostar

Diagnostic kits manufacturer, CEO

Friend you helped us to move from selling via phone and personal connect to becoming a complete online vegetable store with all front and and back end processes automated as per our need . Great !!!

Director, Organic Vegetables

When we met IoStar we always felt website as a brochure but they changed our mindset that site means lead generation and it worked

Biotech Research, Distributor

Popular Services requested by some of our customers …

These are some of the services highest in demand  from IoStar.

Brand Building

It is an exercise in enhancing the brand equity as it is the visual voice of the company.

Lead Generation

It’s a  marketing process of capturing visitors interest in a product/service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline

Customer Support

It’s making  the customer that they arimportant by interacting with them in a friendly  and positive way.

Marketing Collateral

Brochures, Sell sheets , Data Sheets , Business Cards  generated under one   family design  for  sales support tools.

Adding Ecommerce

Enhancing the corporate site by making it Ecommerce enabled to sell product /services  and expand services globally


Small Business Services offered

Gap analysis

  • Identifying where are we .
  • Defining the vision of where we want to be
  • Building the road map
  • Aligning with Strategy Document

Strategy Design

  • Develop the Vision and Mission
  • Build action plan
  • Match Business Plan with Strategy
  • Set up a Timeline for implementation


  • Web enablement
  • Ecommerce Store
  • Customer care Portal
  • Lead Generation Portal


  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting Solutions Integration
  • Ecommerce Operations Integration
  • ERP Integration

Data Analytics

  • Customer Behaviour Analytics
  • Business /Sale Analytics
  • Geo Analytics Solutions
  • Customer Purchase behaviour

Human Resource Development

  • Online Academy for Training
  • Elearning Content
  • Audio /Video content development
  • Testing and Competence Tracking

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SW Development
App development
IT Product design
Supply Chain
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