Ecommerce Managed Services

We are not just any other company, we are running our own E-Commerce store since 2016 that we developed and we know the E-Commerce landscape better.

We Understand

that starting an Online Business is no easy task, from initial idea to a successful launch there is an enormous amount of work that has to be done. We have helped seveal businesses like you to build and launch globally successful E-Commerce Portals that are visited by hundreds of visitors daily, that’s why we say WE UNDERSTAND your needs and can deliver it at cost effective manner because It All starts with Money and It’s all for Money.

Managed Services Components

A typical ecommerce business needs the following services which can be created in-house or outsourced to an external services provider like IoStar.

The Ecommerce outsourcing process starts and ends with the customer:

  • Ease your business process for the customer.

  • Know your customers better & Ease business processes

  • Improve your service levels &Digitize the customer experience. & so on.

The normal areas which are impacted are Marketing, Operations, Customer Touch points, Products and Services. At IoStar we work with you to achieve your goals and dreams by building the Right Mix of digitisation at Right Cost and Hand Hold till you decide to take over fully in a Build, Operate and Transfer Model.

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