Make my Start-up grow to become the next Filpkart or Amazon


From your start-up journey becoming a unicorn in the future , we can help you to become the company you want to be.


We can help you to identify and manage the issues that arise in entrepreneurial  start-ups, family and private businesses.


Whatever your sector, scale or strategy, we’ll have experience that’s relevant to you, and the expertise to turn ambition into success.


How we do it at each stage Start-up

We’re with you when you are starting out Exhilarating, scary, seat of your pants, best decision I ever made: are all things that we’ve heard founders say about starting their own business.


We know running your own company is challenging and sometimes lonely, so having an adviser who is on your side is invaluable. Whether you have a background in business or simply a passion for your product, we can provide a range of services to help your business grow safely, including:


  • Business planning

  • Investor readiness assistance .

  • Tax advice

  • Legal advice such as IPR, GDPR etc

  • QMS Compliance Scale ups Stage


We’re with you when you are growing

We recognise that as a scale-up you will have different challenges to those in the earlier years of your business which could include accessing capital, attracting talent and growing your revenues. We know that as a more established business your growth trajectory will change, the requirements of you as a founder will be different and your business will be facing different pressures.



We are with you in your needs as now your needs may go beyond digital infrastructure to domain experts , legal experts, business partnerships , new funding ,manpower , handling legal compliances etc.


We have a close knit group of companies who specialise in all the above areas so you always a single solutions to all your needs.


Unicorns Stage We’re with you when you are thriving

The word ‘unicorn’ evokes stories of a rare creature that can be seen by many but caught by only a few.


Venture capitalist Aileen Lee coined the term in 2013 to refer to privately held start-up businesses with valuations of US$1bn or more.


As the Internet era has transformed the business landscape, it has also witnessed the birth of unicorns at an accelerated rate around the world.



Getting to this stage is notoriously difficult, so we want to help you thrive and continue to grow.


Our experience of supporting high growth, fast moving organisations means we understand the challenges and opportunities you are facing.