Make my Education business profitable


Making it happen is the challenge and the best people are those who are experts in their domain of training and subject .Elearning provides the infrastructure for delivery along with payment gateways and Learning Management System (LMS)

Background It’s no secret that the market for online courses is big – and it’s getting bigger. Research firm GM Insights valued online learning at $165 billion in 2015. By 2023 it could exceed $240 billion.


As First, step find a course idea ,create your course content and then promote and sell the course . At a high level we suggest that you break down the whole process into the following steps


  • Commit yourself to making a Course

  • Choose a Profitable course

  • Test the market acceptance by meeting and discussing

  • Create Your Course Content

  • Tie up with a eLearning provider for

  • LMS and

  • Content enablement

  • Set a Price for Your Course

  • Do Online and physical promotion

  • Launch Your Course


The big question is why people will buy your course .The short answer is: Because they’ve got a problem – and they want to solve it.

Maybe they’re looking to learn how to use a complicated piece of software. Maybe they don’t fit into their favourite jeans and want to lose weight. Maybe they’re stressed out and overwhelmed and want to take control of their calendar.

Whatever the case: people buy online courses because they have a problem in their life and they want to solve it.I know this might sound like oversimplification  it, but it IS that simple. Think about the problems your friends, colleagues, and family members come to you with… LISTEN TO THEM.


The Impact on Business

Discovering the need , right promotion and  sustained reduction in costs, will generate the profits you want