IoStar Services for Start-ups

Start-ups are part of their own unique ecosystem which needs focussed planning and Strategy for a successful Launch and growth .

At IoStar we understand the startup as we have also grown the same way and have helped several succeed. We understand that key aspects for any startuplike developing the  right business plan , making the best go to market strategy and going live in flat 5 days and improving it iteratively . We are there with at every stage . Check us out .

We hire create domain experts with unique perspectives and common goals. Our team is outcome-oriented, data-driven, and ready to solve challenges to achieve growth for your business. Our solutions are customized on a client-by-client basis, but they usually include one or more of these services.

Hand holding for Start-up

From starting out to becoming a unicorn, IoStar help you become the company you want to be

Growing a business can be demanding and exhilarating. The challenges are enormous, from identifying your proposition, to choosing your team, and ensuring you have a resilient and efficient operating model. And as the business gains ground, new issues emerge: you need the right finance to grow, and the right skills for expansion, whether that’s exporting for the first time, developing a digital operation, or broadening your range of products and services. We can help you identify and manage the issues that arise in entrepreneurial start-ups, family and private businesses. Whatever your sector, scale or strategy, we’ll have experience that’s relevant to you, and the expertise to turn ambition into success.

Growing with you

Starting -up

We’re with you when you are starting out

Exhilarating, scary, seat of your pants, best decision I ever made: are all things that we’ve heard founders say about starting their own business. We know running your own company is challenging and sometimes lonely, so having an adviser who is on your side is invaluable. Whether you have a background in business or simply a passion for your product, we can provide a range of services to help your business grow safely, including:

  • Business planning
  • Valuations
  • Investor readiness assistance such as writing an investor proposal document, investor profile creation, coaching for negotiations, legal assistance during negotiations
  • Tax advice such as on R&D tax credits
  • Legal advice such as Intellectual Property (IP protection) and General DataProtection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Fiscal & legal internationalisation structures
  • QMS Compliances

We’re with you when you are growing

We recognise that as a scale-up you will have different challenges to those in the earlier years of your business which could include accessing capital, attracting talent and growing your revenues. We know that as a more established business your growth trajectory will change, the requirements of you as a founder will be different and your business will be facing different pressures.

When you are the Unicorn

We’re with you when you are thriving

The word ‘unicorn’ evokes stories of a rare creature that can be seen by many but caught by only a few. Venture capitalist Aileen Lee coined the term in 2013 to refer to privately held start-up businesses with valuations of US$1bn or more.
Getting to this stage is notoriously difficult, so we want to help you thrive and continue to grow. Our experience of supporting high growth, fast moving organisations means we understand the challenges and opportunities you are facing.

Standard Offerings for a Startups

StartupAdvisory for digitisation

Start-ups are part of their own unique ecosystem which needs focussed planning and Strategy for a successful Launch and growth . IoStar itself being a start-up styled company  hasfirst hand experience of enabling start-ups. Hence a basic consulting is always required for initiating such service .

Web Platform Setting up

From creating presence  for your products/services pages to creating multimedia content to targeting your leads, our team of experts attract and retain potential customers for your business. Our team will produce high quality content offers like eBooks, infographics, buyers’ guides and whitepapers your website visitors won’t be able to resist.

Social Media Marketing

Our  social media team is adept at planning and creating content for the big 4 social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, as well as other social media platforms such as Snapchat, Reddit, & Pinterest. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your business doesn’t just need more website traffic, it needs more paying customers. We understand that, so we continue to optimize our SEO campaigns well after they’re launched. From keyword research to link building to fixing technical SEO errors, we are committed to helping your website rise up the search rankings.

Drip  Marketing

We’re committed to helping you maximize the potential of your email campaigns, tailoring your emails to your specific industry context and scale of operations. Our team has experience building and tweaking many different types of email marketing campaigns in many different industries and sectors.

Blogging Services

To develop an engaging blog presence for your business, our team of content writers will monitor the trending topics in your niche and conduct regular interviews with key experts at your company and clients.

Dedicated partnership

Our development teams start your journey with you and help at every stage of your business . We are your software partner working towards providing you with right  digital solutions , Digital marketing as well as dedicated Apps .

Continuous Start-up support

IoStar understands that you need to focus on growing and IT needs to be our focus where you need not bother or spend time . Once decide to work together it will be long term relationship where we grow with you .Some of our support areas are

  • Cost Reduction

With us you do not have to use cost-effective alternatives to save your budget. We offer you advanced technology at reasonable prices to let you balance your funds

  • Technology management

If you have a small team and lack a CTO, we can fill in this niche and manage the works behind your project to meet the deadlines and introduce your creation to the market.

  • Fulfilling support

Our consultation and support stays with you from step one to the finish line. We monitor the results of your project and provide technical assistance until the project’s release.

  • Fast deployment and development

By working with experienced and dedicated teams, you reduce time expenses and quickly complete all production steps without sacrificing quality or missing important details.

  • Learning opportunity

In addition to letting your startup company take successful first steps with our support, we also you continuous knowledge and interaction with our talented experts and experience exchange.

Free evaluation Pack

  • Digital readiness to help you to plan
  • Online Evaluation
  • Phone based discussion
  • Report for your next step. <<Yes I am on >>

Starter Pack

  • Brand Enhancing + Lead Generating Corporate Site
  • Retail business converted  Ecommerce business
  • Linking Lead Management to your Customer Relationship Engine ( IoStar can develop one if not available )
  • Digital Marketing of your site .

Enhanced Package

  • Starter Pack Plus
  • Order Fulfilment /Ecommerce Outsourcing
  • Drip Marketing linked to physical sales and marketing effort
  • Linking ERP solution to ecommerce

Digital Transformation Package

  • All the above plus
  • AI enabled Customer Management
  • IOT devices integration in your production and business
  • Developing customised applications for your needs .
  • Training of your Human team to use this infrastructure

Digital Marketing Packages

Social Media   Marketing Basic
Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

  • Posts: 5/week
  • Blog Posts: 2/mo
  • Sponsored Posts: 3/mo
  • Ad Campaigns: 2/mo
  • Monthly Analytics Report

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Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

  • Posts: 10/wk
  • Blog Posts: 4/mo
  • Sponsored Posts: 6/mo
  • Ad Campaigns: 3/mo
  • Weekly Analytics Reports

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Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

  • Posts: 16/wk
  • Blog Posts: 6/mo
  • Sponsored Posts: 15/mo
  • Ad Campaigns: 5/mo
  • Weekly Analytics Reports

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SEO Plans Basic

Keyword Research: 10 keyword themes/mo

  • Content Audit & Research
  • Link Building: 5 ‘dofollow’ backlinks/mo
  • Technical Site Audit & Error Fixes
  • Backlink Audit
  • Blog Content: 2 posts/mo
  • Infographic Marketing
  • Monthly Performance Reports

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Keyword Research: 20 keyword themes/mo

  • Content Audit & Research
  • Link Building: 10 ‘dofollow’ backlinks/mo
  • echnical Site Audit & Error Fixes
  • Backlink Audit
  • Blog Content: 4 posts/mo
  • Infographic Marketing
  • Monthly Performance Reports

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Add-on Plans

Email Marketing

Email Template Design

Copy writing

A/B Testing

Email Analytics

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Content Marketing

 (One-time Investment)

Website Content Creation

2 Long-form Blog Posts

2 Lead Magnets

Lead Generation

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2 Long-form Blog Posts


Link Building

Scoial Promotion

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Value for our clients

  • Seamless transition  to digital world thereby ensuring customer convenience
  • Easy integration and minimal impact on your existing IT infrastructure
  • Quick to market
  • Risk mitigation through  strategy lead digital transformation process

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