Integrating Ecommerce Site with Customer IT Ecosystem

Understanding ecommerce integration with your IT systems is the missing link in all ecommerce portals where they leave a big hole between Ecommerce store and your It systems like Accounting SW (Tally, Biz etc) or ERP System or CRM systems or customer communication system etc . At IoStar we focus on ensuring in filling this gap by reworking processes where required and integration

What is Ecommerce ?

eCommerce portal is an abbreviation of electronic commerce, is used to describe an industry in which buying and selling products and services is conducted over electronic systems – most commonly via the internet.  It also refers to the exchange of information necessary to complete these online transactions such as inventory and pricing data.  eCommerce includes transactions made online with mobile and tablet devices. Although eCommerce dates back to late 80’s, it has evolved with features mobile commerce, group buying, private sales and social commerce  etc .  

What is eCommerce Integration

eCommerce website integration is the linking to ensure coordination between the company’s eCommerce website and back-end IT tools like accounting SW, Inventory Management systems, CRM systems ERP system or any other Home grown SW etc.. 

Proper integration enables the flow of information bi-directionally between the two systems meaning data only NEEDS to be entered into one system ONLY once.  This results in various efficiencies such as inventory levels automatically getting updated, once product is sold on the eCommerce site and website gets updated once product is gets received into a warehouse and added to inventory.

Many businesses choose to fully integrate both systems as it means inventory and pricing information is available to customers and staff in real-time and as demand increases the need for additional staff to handle transactions is minimized.

Key Benefits

  1. It saves time for the ecommerce retailers by allowing them to keep up the pace with sales.
  2. Maintaining data  security.
  3. Ecommerce retailers get time to have a a more relaxed experience and every every retailer needs it.
  4. Ability to handle thousands of orders coming from different channels at the same time and their shipment orders system.

IoStar will help at every stage of this process in a very cost effective manner.

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