How Digital transformation is changing the role of the “Website” in SME and Start-ups

Digital transformation affects change in every business, from large enterprises to SMEs. For SME , the website  plays an important and crucial role . The SMEs y often face different challenges compared to their enterprise-size counterparts due to various reasons like funds, resources , focus etc.

Companies use the website to  engage and communicate with its audiences, by integrating all web and mobile channels to ensure consistency across customer touch points.

It has been our experience that one of the  biggest mistakes that fast-growth companies make during this process – is too little investment and focus on their biggest digital asset – their website.Today’s websites need to be designed to solve a problem, not sit there looking pretty, and should be having  integration with back end systems to become the business platform for a complete  unified system

As per IDC more than  two thirds of EU and UK SMEs are using new technology to improve their business via a digital transformation strategy, in order to drive operational efficiencies, increase the opportunities for innovation and become more competitive.

All owners must wnsure that  their website meets the following criteria

  • It  meets existing and future business objectives.
  • Mobile is a critical part of that strategy; but designing should be for mobile from the ground up.
  • Regularly updated content relevant to your audience is being made available  such that users  remember it has to be easy to use with a thumb and fingers.”
  • Close scrutinyof the performance of the website across desktop and mobile is essential in the transformation process
  • Focus of the customer experience.”

SME owners must understand that one of the essential part of digital transformation is the large amount of data that will  be captured and need to be analysed via the website as well. This will help in areas of digital transformation, like single customer view across channels, personalisation and being able to pull data for advanced digital applications as well.

Some experts believe None of the above needs can really be met with trendy out-of-the-box solutions and only customised solutions are the answer .

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