Ecommerce FAQs

Standard Customer concerns

We share below some common concerns of a normal user

  • How Can I improve my Ecommerce Site and Business ?
  • Is Ecommerce really Profitable ?
  • What makes an ECommerce Site successful?
  • How Can IoStar Help me ?

How Can I improve my Ecommerce Site and Business ?

  1. Design your site for ease and customer usage
  2. Showcase your top selling items.
  3. Target customers. (existing and new )
  4. Generate Trust by your design
  5. Use video demonstrations. Where possible
  6. Use photos when you include customer testimonials.
  7. Make your site for the  mobile devices and others in that order.
  8. Offer timely  promotion schemes..

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Is Ecommerce Profitable ?

Yes, eCommerce is a profitable business and needs to be done in the right manner  A lot of suppliers/businesses  choose to open an shop on ecommerce platforms like amazon, flipkart etc or they make their own platforms depending on need and opportunity . People operate  and make profits, but it may take time . Right Strategic support is always preferred.

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What makes an  Ecommerce Site successful  ?

Here are five things you can do to improve your ecommerce experience and stay a step ahead of the competition.

1. Make it easy to find for your customers

2. Create great product pages

3. Help customers make decisions with clear calls to action

4. Market your site

5. Measure your traffic and use the data

Tell me how can I do it

How Can IoStar help me ??

Customer centricity is the key to any business success . IoStar works with its clients to develop the right combination of Strategy , Technology and Design to build and manage the Customer Digital Journey on an ongoing basis .  We believe in making our clients self sufficient in the long run by offering them service and knowledge so that they are dependent on their team only thereby keeping their costs low .

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