How Digital Marketing can take your NGO to the next level?

“Water is Life” is a non-profit organization (NGO) devoted to bringing clean water in the developing countries in both the terms, i.e. long and short with augmentation of success and execution of sanitation filters.

The organization was started in the year 2007, and now it is expanded successfully. It aids people in the villages all over the globe access safe drinking water.

The website of “Water is Life” reflects that countless people are not grateful to water as a luxury or don’t understand the vastness of the issue that unsafe water causes all over the globe. Noticing the issue, “Water is Life” decided to initiate a campaign known as “Hashtag Killer.”

This NGO addressed the issue as taking the luxuries for granted through representing the real problems in the third world nations. The campaign was many-sided, integrating goals that are immediate and long-term. The whole intention of this campaign was increasing the water crises awareness all over the globe.

“Hashtag Killer,” this campaign also intends to enhance the donations to the organizations so that they can offer more systems for sanitation where required, particularly in the sphere of focus in Haiti.

For doing this, the immediate aim was killing the Hashtag and famous meme, ‘#FirstWorldProblems’ for changing the conversation through social media linked to this Hashtag.

‘#FirstWorldProblems’ is the popular trends on social media where people can deal with little hassles as an issue of living in the countries that are advanced and developed. The primary objective of this campaign was comparing “first world problems” to the real, severe and problems which are life-threatening which people in third world nations have to face on a regular basis.

One of the primary issues is unsafe and unclean drinking water. “Water is Life” make use of social media for making this campaign a success. The NGO used the hashtag and spread the video all over the social media platforms.

The video is featuring the people in the circumstances facing severe need repeating common #Firstworldproblems. The strategy of this campaign proved to be effective amazingly as the video went viral on Twitter and Facebook immediately and expanded the reach of NGO.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is one of the essentials for businesses that are online nowadays. If any of the online industry is not using the aspect of digital marketing, then it is improbable to anticipate the growth of the business.

Digital marketing is a relevant function of business practices. It includes making the audience aware of the product or service proposition. It also encourages them to purchase the product and helps in building the brand.

Almost every organization is using the digital marketing strategy so that the business is reaching the next level. Non-government organizations SEO gold coast is no exception. These organizations also have started using the approach of digital marketing to deliver relevant messages across the globe.

Why Does Digital Marketing Matter?

Digital marketing matters because it can ensure that the efforts are focusing on the most significant digital marketing elements.

However, with the strategy that is well-organized and logical, organizations can evade the position of being left behind in the competition that is tough and competitive.

There are different elements of digital marketing, and they are helpful to accomplish the purpose of taking digital marketing to the next level.

The Essentials of Digital Marketing

Here are the essentials of digital marketing that NGOs and any other organization should integrate:

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the primary essential that every organization is incorporating in the business for defining their motive and goals to the audiences.

It is not only to promote the content for business products or services but also aids in delivering relevant information to the audience.

Non-government organizations must use this strategy for their non-profit purpose. Content is the best way through which these organizations can effectively promote a social cause.

With the help of content, non-government organizations can easily attract the people and founders whose support they want. It is essential for NGOs that they should try to implement their content in the best way because this way it gets easier to spread the word around.

The most important motive of every non-profit organization is to ensure that whatever campaign they are advertising is successful so that the help can be provided to the needy ones. Hence, for accomplishing these purposes, it is vital that the integration of content marketing is there.

While promoting the content, it is also significant that the information is appropriate and it inspires people to join the campaign. If the content is not informational then it can’t aspire, people, then there is no use of putting efforts.

It is also relevant to ensure that NGOs must comprehend the requirement of content marketing. If they are unaware of the need then it gets difficult for them to achieve the purpose. The content you are promoting must have the ability to engage for the campaign or social cause.

Therefore, if your organization is for non-profit, then it is significant that you should include the content marketing essential in your digital marketing plan if you want to take it to the next level.

Social media marketing

Social media is again one of the most trending and essentials of the digital marketing world. Without social media, digital marketing is incomplete as it is successful because it is an opportunity for telling the story, engaging, with the supporters and getting results for the strategy of social media.

Social media is a catchy term for sites that might offer radically diverse actions that are social. Over the past decade, social media has emerged as a relevant communication medium internationally to reach out to the vast audience.

Presently, there are a plethora of sites of social media and applications that are being used by different organizations. The primary objective of social media is connecting the massive audience spreading all over the globe, within the fraction of second and spreading the message.

Different social media sites are offering customers a massive range of options to generate awareness. The social media sites are useful in marketing and promoting several products and works.

Like any other business or educational organizations, NGOs can also take benefit of social media for creating awareness among the stakeholders for their activities.

Though before moving onto the understanding of how social media marketing can be used for the purpose here are a few questions you should.

Why should you use social media for promoting your work?

Below are the reasons that state why you should use the social for work promotions:

Helps in reaching out to the probable donors, social workers, and other users

Social media sites are the platform to interact socially. Every post an organization puts on social media sites works as a chance for customers to convert. As the non-profit works for the social cause and initiate campaigns so it is essential that they should accumulate the strategy.

With the help of social media sites, it is easier for the non-government organizations to reach their customers, audience. The best part is that they can reach out to possible donors easily. It is also simple for them to reach to the social workers and other users.

Prompt action to user feedback

Social media sites are an excellent option because it helps the organizations to prompt action to user feedback. Users can quickly provide their feedback without any apprehension. This is again another important reason that non-profit organization should make use of the strategy.

With the feedback, NGOs can easily comprehend how they can improve their campaigns and what they should integrate to make them better.

It’s free

Non-government organizations always prefer the sites where they don’t have to invest, and social media sites are entirely free of cost. They don’t have to spend money to promote their campaigns or social causes. So, it is vital that NGOs must integrate the strategy of social media marketing to accomplish the noble purpose.

Enhances the traffic of a website

Social media sites are useful in improving the website traffic so NGOs that have their website can take advantage of this. It is essential to promote the campaigns or social causes on the sites effectively, and with time a nice amount of website traffic can be seen.

How should NGOs use social media sites for promoting work?

Following are some of the steps that you should accumulate to promote your work on social media sites:

Decide your goal and plan accordingly

If you are one of the NGOs, then you must be thinking that how you can effectively execute a strategy of social media marketing. So, it is one primary step that you have to follow. You need to assure that you know the goals of the campaign or social cause because if you don’t know, then it would be tough for you to attain the best results.

Once the goals are identified the next step is interlinked with the implementation of a plan. It is significant that NGOs should comprehend that they know their goals and plans. This is a useful inappropriate application of the digital marketing strategy.

Start slow

It is essential that NGOs should ensure initiating slowly. If everything is initiated hastily, then it gets difficult to ensure success in the social media marketing strategy. If any NGO is venturing into the social media for the first time to promote their work, then you must initiate it slowly.

Different social media sites are there that can be integrated for the purpose such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

Use data and facts

If any NGO decides to accumulate social media marketing strategy, then they should use the data and facts. Data and facts should be gathered because if they are identified then achieving the purpose, it becomes probable.

Email marketing

Email marketing is another strategy that can be used as a digital marketing strategy. With the help of email marketing helps NGO in promoting the campaigns that they are initiating for humanity.

It is imperative that the organization must confirm that while sending an email, the content is up to the mark. The content should be appealing so that the audience is convinced for accomplishing the purpose.


If we conclude the entire concept, then it is evident that digital marketing is benefiting every organization in this 21st century. Non-government organizations are one of them. For gaining the more comprehension that how NGOs can benefit from digital marketing, there is the providing of real example in the article above.

It helps in understanding how digital marketing is a powerful tool for NGOs like any other business. Hence, if you are also non-government organizations, then you must accumulate the strategies or essentials of digital marketing.

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