Digital Enablement Trends for Small and Medium Enterprises

Small and Medium businesses form the bulk of any countries economy and are the major employers .  Our SMB team understands the time and money constraints facing small and medium businesses. We have designed specific packages for businesses just like yours – helping you get the expertise you deserve at a price that fits your budgets.

When you’re business is strapped for cash, looking to grow, and don’t have the time or expertise to make and implement an effective digital strategy, IoStar has you covered.

Growth in revenue and ROI  is one of the most important agenda items for owners , directors and shareholders of a SMB . However, achieving stable growth is a major challenge for all and  majority of SMBs  are unable to actually achieve their growth ambitions. IoStar  helps such companies to formulate and implement a robust digital growth strategy by

  • Identifying and evaluating new sources of revenue and profit.
  • Analyzing new markets and segments to expand into.
  • Formulating a competitive strategy to gain market share
  • Identifying, evaluating and approaching potential acquisition/partner  organizations.

Our  approach is based on developing  and implementing  customized set of growth strategies using our   Xtended Value Platform”, which uses AI  to deliver the right  solution . This helps in translating  the growth strategy directly into all aspects of business operations.  In this way we create a growth strategy together with you that is practical and directly implementable. Some of our services

Digital Transformation or Digital Enablement

Digital Enablement is all about managing  an SMBs Digital Transformation journey through customised Strategy development , developing Digitalized Business Platforms thereby achieving better  Customer Experience &  efficient  Business Processes leading  to better profitability and growth .The services included are 

  • Ecommerce Website development
  • Corporate Website development
  • Legacy IT System integration
  • Elearning Platform setting up

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Digital Marketing

Drive immediate revenue with channels and tactics that can make the cash register ring today

  • Small Business PPC: Ongoing service and one-time projects tailored to your unique budget.
  • Small Business SEO: Increase organic rankings and traffic with our ongoing and project-based packages.
  • Amazon Advertising: Optimize and promote your products to increase visibility and revenue.


Value for our clients

  • Seamless transition  to digital world thereby ensuring customer convenience
  • Easy integration and minimal impact on your existing IT infrastructure
  • Quick to market
  • Risk mitigation through  strategy lead digital transformation process

Driver for Digital Transformation in Small and Medium enterprises  

As per SMB survey in the USA Why: Drivers for Digital Transformation

The top reasons that SMBs are investing in digital technology are to attract new customers, improve employee productivity and streamline operations (Figure 1). However, the top-ranking driver varies fairly dramatically based on company size as follows:

  • Small business: attract new customers
  • Medium business: keep up with competitive pressures
  • Upper midmarket: improve employee productivity

Figure 1: Top Drivers to Invest in Digital Technology

As per our experience we have found similar behaviour in the Indian and South Asian market among the SMB.  All SMB face major issues in India and South Asia relating to getting generic web development companies versus SMB focussed consulting and implementation companies . It is based on this feedback IoStar created a dedicated SMB Practise where only customised solutions are offered versus GENERIC SOLUTIONS .

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