Customer Experience Improvement

Some potential Customer scenarios before and after our services are presented below which will generate   more delight  and more enjoyable  experience for your customer when they use your portal.

IoStar UX design team will work with your team to build scenarios and develop solutions which will be unique to you and your business . We will continue to hand hold till your team is ready to take over.

Before Services Activation After Services  Activation
Existing Customers The Customer would normally have been using the mobile and your companies direct lines to Make their bookings Rework their schedule  if needed . Call the local centre for getting details about any new services.Call up to check if the concerned Stylist has become free or not .To give Feedback about the Stylist they have less options . Existing Customers They will be able to do all these and more on the internet or in their Mobile App thereby making them independent and comfortable. Plus more …..
New Customers Typical Challenges faced by them . To come to know about the service in their locality That will be difficult as normally people in that class check on their mobile internet .Ask a Friend Ask about the allotted Stylist to check the quality .   New Customers Discovering about the Beauty Saloon will be a click away always and make their first connect friendly , less hassle and enjoyable . Plus more
Selling of Products If customers have to sold some of your products like cream , lotions etc ten it has to be physically sold at the site Selling of Products All this will be a breeze as it will be totally online in nature . Any place and space 24×7 .

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