Attracting your target market to your portal

Getting the right customer to your site is the aim of any startup portal .Google has a methodology in ensuring right customers come to the right site .IoStar had developed the expertise based on its long experience of its promoters and team in ensuring to the attract the right target market in a fixed time frame . IoStar calls it “Digital Traction “ which is presented appropriately in the figure below .

The model believes in basic concept that we need to attract “strangers” using the right keywords and social media hooks to visit the site .

At the next stage when they land its important that get what they came for convert them into a visitor ie make them like the site using content , forms etc.

At the third stage once they are hooked they are now leads and we start to talk to them by email , phone etc.

At the penultimate stage we convert them into customers by our service .

At the last stage we delight them and make them our promoters or our ambassadors .

At IoStar we ensure that yu succeed at all stage all the time.

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