About Us

We want to help you to thrive & grow in this digital age

IoStar has been founded  on one simple idea …

Make it simple and easy for small and medium enterprises to go digital  such that they can connect with their buyers do business together.”


In today’s world becoming part of internet is common and is an ongoing process .But what gets missed is the ability to extract value to the fullest by doing the complete digital transformation of your business to your benefit 24x 7x 365 days .


IoStar  believes in sharing its experience and expertise in this journey so as to empower you the entrepreneur  and new start up  to do things your way cost effectively and efficiently .


We have built    solutions such that they  deliver more along with  simplifying your  online business… .Our advice and tools have proven  to be potent as they can help to  amplify sales, maximize operational control , and empower massive business growth for your small or medium enterprise on an ongoing basis In fact, we have many companies, large and small, that have gone from surviving to thriving thanks to their ability to connect  with more customers and suppliers  using our tools, advise and services .


We understand that you as the owner needs to very cost focused , hence we strive to make available several “Free tools and Email based advise” that are useful so as  to help you to identify and plan your  normal  Business needs (e-commerce /e-learning ) as per your business regardless of which side of the supply chain (buyer or seller) you happen to be .


  • For Sellers, we can help you amplify your sales, retain your key accounts, and connect to large government and private sector purchasing groups; so you can celebrate increased revenue from more sales more often. (Please share your need and our consultant will get back in 48 working hours.)

  • For Manufacturers, we can help you empower and scale your sales channels, streamline your procurement, and integrate your entire supply chain; so you can realize bigger bottom line profits from lower operating costs and increased distribution and sales channels. (Please share your need and our consultant will get back in 48 working hours.)

  • For Startups we can help in making your vision go live in flat 15 working days and train you to be your own new boss and strategist and more . (Please share your need and our consultant will get back in 48 working hours.)

  • For E-Learning companies we can design and develop your dream and provide ongoing support on most of the needs of your business as we have 1000+ hrs of experience in the entire value chain . (Please share your need and our consultant will get back in 48 working hours.)


And we do take great pride in telling you that we have one of the finest support teams on the planet. Dedicated, hard working, do-what-it-takes professionals who are so focused on your success, you’d swear they’re on your payroll. (You can see what people have to say about our  service here.


We  invite you to spend some time on our website and visit  our blogs/digest section where we have selected the best articles written by global experts for you so that your get your vision right . In case you  have any questions, you can either contact us, or request for a free consultation –  There’s no obligation, no pressure, no hassles… just answers and solutions.